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Beautiful Princesses by Kittygreenfox67
Beautiful Princesses
These are Luan and Lynn as princesses. I just wanted to see Lynn with long hair. XD
The Loud House belongs to Chris Savino and Nickelodeon.
Luna n' Luan by Kittygreenfox67
Luna n' Luan
I drew two Loud sisters,comedian Luan and rocker girl Luna!
I drew them in another style! Enjoy
The Loud House belongs to Chris Savino and Nickelodeon.
Soon I will redraw the Loud Family. I didn't really like the last one.
Have a nice,crispy,out of this world Friday. :D
- Kittyfox
Lynn Again! by Kittygreenfox67
Lynn Again!
Cant resist drawing her sorry XD ANOTHER "SKETCH"! WOOHOO
This time its my favorite loud sister,lynn. Yay!
- Kittyfox (i like signing descriptions ok)
Sword time  by Kittygreenfox67
Sword time
i know what everyones thinking
Another "sketch" idk what i drew lol
Have a nice friday. :D - Kittyfox
Arona VS Ruby (100th drawing!) by Kittygreenfox67
Arona VS Ruby (100th drawing!)
This isnt rly sketching
From the depths of my screenshots is this piece,Arona VS Ruby
No arona is not my enemy,we are close friends. Just drew this piece for fun. And this is my 100th drawing. Wowie :D I have other "sketches" in store. Bye guys hope you have a noice Friday. :)
- Kittyfox
Hey guys,Kittyfox here with something different.
Okay so,you know Minecraft right? The game loved by kids,
some people hate it but I'm not here to talk about Minecraft. I'm gonna talk about a game similar to Minecraft. The game is called Manyland. Manyland is a free game,you can play it in your browser. Chrome works best. Manyland is a 2D game where you can place blocks,and create stuff! Sounds like Minecraft,right? Yeah but there is a little twist to it..You draw the blocks! Yes.You draw them. You need an account of course,you can use your Google or Facebook account. Like Minecraft,Manyland has skins. In the picture,I am wearing a cute girl skin. The place you get skins is called Stockpile. In manyland you type "To Stockpile" and you can get there! You can collect stuff and create stuff. People won't mind if you collect their things. There is a lot more but you can watch Manylands trailer on YouTube to find out more. The thing i don't like is its very laggy. I recommend this game if you are a creative person.  
embedded_item1479294962893 by Kittygreenfox67


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Hong Kong
Hi! My name's Kittyfox/Kitty/Ruby. I love drawing and..eating lol. I hope you like my art :3

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